"I'm proud and excited to endorse Evan Hansen, a scientifically minded person to represent the best interests of the people of Monongalia County."Emily Calandrelli, the Space Gal, MHS and WVU graduate, host and producer of Xploration Outer Space
"I am proud to support and endorse Evan Hansen for election to the WV House of Delegates. Evan is a successful small businessman, job creator and future leader. I observed his work and problem solving skills during the Charleston water crisis and was extremely impressed. He will promote economic development and job creation while simultaneously protecting our environment and natural resources for our communities. Evan will be a fresh and welcome voice for the people of his district in Charleston."Jeff Kessler, former WV Senate Minority Leader
"As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand how much work and time it takes to run a business, but it takes someone who really wants to make a difference to answer the call to volunteer. We need more people like Evan in Charleston who have chosen West Virginia to start a small business, create new jobs, and volunteer his talents to make this community and state a better place." John Gaddis, President/CEO, GADDIS Group
"Evan is the type of person we need in Charleston fighting for working people. He'll do a great job representing Mon County at the Legislature." Charlene Marshall, former Delegate, former Morgantown mayor
"When I was in the House of Delegates, I saw first-hand how Evan could bring data and science to Charleston to help the Legislature make more thoughtful decisions. Evan will be a strong voice for the people of Mon County." Mike Manypenny, former Delegate
"When Evan asked me if I would support him in his run for the House, I quickly said it would be an honor. As a retired state Senator, I know what it takes to be an effective representative, and Evan has all of those qualities in abundance: honesty, intelligence, compassion, work ethic, and a commitment to us West Virginians. Everyone who has met Evan knows what a wonderful person he is." Jon Blair Hunter, former WV State Senator
"Evan is an entrepreneur who has created jobs. Like I do, he believes that businesspeople, individuals and communities can come together to find opportunities that diversify our economy and keep dollars in our state. I support his vision for the economy." Cheryl Brown, Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics
"Evan's experience starting a business and creating private-sector jobs will be very valuable in Charleston, especially because so few elected officials are small businessmen."Jason Coffman, co-owner of Black Bear Burritos
"As a small business owner in Morgantown, I like that Evan also started and grew a local business that is making an impact on the state, and that he knows how to create jobs and strengthen the economy. Evan is someone who has the intellect to think outside the box and bring thoughtful legislation about to support the economic outlook of West Virginia." Michael Mills, founding principal of Mills Group
"Evan is a very bright, common-sense guy. He has a proven track record of bringing people together, be they public officials, community organizations, or industry leaders, and the goal is always to get things done. That's the kind of leadership that West Virginians want, deserve, and expect."Bill Byrne, former Morgantown mayor
"Safe water and clean land on which to grow local foods is always on my mind, and I was so impressed by and proud to know Evan when he testified in Charleston after the Freedom Industries chemical leak. Frankly, I'm relieved he's running for House of Delegates, where his skills will help West Virginia create a future we can believe in."Susan Truxell Sauter, co-founder, Buy Fresh Buy Local WV chapter; founder and former president, WV Farmers Market Association
"Evan would add a much-needed, forward-thinking voice to the House of Delegates. His own business success serves as a great example that would certainly benefit the state."L.J. Giuliani, owner, 123 Pleasant Street
 Dr. Erika Pallie
"Our state is underserved when it comes to access to basic healthcare, and we suffer from high rates of cancer, diabetes, depression, and drug overdoses. Evan Hansen has a unique combination of entrepreneurial gumption and scientific know-how, and his background and insight will have a positive effect on economic and health care policy."Doctor Erika Pallie, M.D.


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Jordan Rinehart, Treasurer