Why I'm Running

West Virginia needs leaders who are more concerned with the next generation than the next election. I’m just such a leader. As a scientist and a successful small businessman, I’ll bring much-needed skill sets to Charleston. I’m supported by business owners and labor leaders, and I’ll work with both sides to get things done. At a time when politics has become unhinged, I’ll be a voice of reason, and I won’t forget who I represent: the people of Monongalia County.

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Latest News

Congratulations Teachers and Public Employees!
This week, teachers, service personnel, and other public employees secured a huge victory at the Legislature when Republicans finally agreed to a 5 percent pay increase. Teachers who've continued to work in West Virginia, despite low pay and eroding benefits, will finally get well-deserved raises. Schools will be able to...

Fixing our Roads in Mon County
So many of our state roads are in poor condition all across the county. Thank you to the Mon County Commission for organizing an information session with the District Engineer for the state Division of Highways, so that we can learn how the DOH prioritizes its projects. Mon County has...

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